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Raised Floors

Since 1971, Besco has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of this fundamental element for optimizing work areas, allowing for efficient changes with minimal cost and time.


We have our own factory in Mexico City with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to produce plates in special finishes and measurements according to the needs of each project.

We analyze, test, and cost to ensure the viability of each special measurement or finish and optimize material or economic resources.

We use environmentally friendly products in our manufacturing processes, employ recyclable products, and have contracts with certified companies for the collection of special waste.

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Types of Flooring

Flooring with wood core

Flooring with lightweight cement core.

Flooring with calcium sulfate core.

Advantages of Installing Besco Raised Floor

No need for leveling or polishing the existing floor, as Besco floor is entirely levelable using laser leveling equipment.

It can be used for air conditioning distribution through the plenum chamber without the need for ducts.

Conceals and protects wiring and special installations.

It is 100% removable and reusable.

Reduces execution times in renovations and adaptations.

Facilitates access to wiring.

Easy and low maintenance.

Adaptation work is carried out during normal daytime hours without generating dust or debris.

With a factory in Mexico City, we have the ability to adapt to your project with special designs and measurements, producing plates with integrated finishes from the factory, whether in rolls, tiles, ceramics, marbles, porcelain tiles, and more.


Cement panel: 61x61x3.5 cm
woodcore panel: 61x61x 2.8 cm
(Special sizes available)
 Calcium sulfate panel: 60x60x3.5 cm
Concentrated Load:
450 kg over an area of 6.45 cm2 (1,000 lb) Standard
Load limit:   1,410 kg over an area of 6.45 cm2
 Uniform Load: 2375 kg per m2
We offer higher available resistances:
1250 lb
1500 lb
2000 lb
2500 lb

Advantages of Besco

Technicians on payroll for installation with social security and civil liability insurance.

Availability for installation 365 days a year, even on holidays or during nighttime hours.

20-year written warranty.

Future backup warranty for spare parts availability or replacement.

We have conducted tests in certified laboratories and prestigious institutions such as UAM, IPN, Tec de Monterrey, to validate the characteristics of resistance to concentrated loads and electrical resistance.


Office Environment and Open Spaces

Eco-friendly anti-static modular carpet.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Porcelain, Marble, Granite.

Natural Woods, Engineered Wood.

Laminated Wood.

Glass Panel.

Computer and Server Environment

Various colors anti-static laminated plastic (HPL).

Anti-static homogeneous vinyl tile.

Support System

Aluminum Pedestal

We offer aluminum pedestals manufactured through casting and assembled without welding points, ensuring no corrosion or oxidation. They feature square leveling nuts with eight anti-rotation notches, allowing for precise leveling, and rings with four anti-vibration notches that prevent unevenness once the system is installed. Available for heights ranging from 6 cm to 180 cm, measured from finished floor level.

Galvanized Steel Pedestal

We offer galvanized steel pedestals, manufactured with dies and electro-welding. After fabrication, they are coated with a layer of immersion galvanizing, ensuring no corrosion or oxidation. They feature leveling nuts with anti-rotation notches, allowing for precise leveling and preventing unevenness once the system is installed. Available in heights ranging from 6 cm to 180 cm, measured from finished floor level.