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Multi Technical comprehensive maintenance.

HomeMaintenanceMulti Technical comprehensive maintenance.

We integrate a wide range of services, skills, and tools to address preventive and corrective services in:

Electrical installations
(medium and low voltage)

•Lighting, contacts, and switches.
•Panel balancing.
•Power generating plants.
•UPS, PDU, and surge suppressors.
•Lightning rods and grounding systems.
•Illuminated signs

Hydro Sanitary installations

•Hydropneumatic systems and pumps.
•Sanitary fixtures.
•Mixers and flush valves.
•Storm drains, septic tanks, and drainage.
•Storm drains, septic tanks, and drainage.
•Fountains, lakes, and pools.
•Water-based detection and extinguishing.
•Joki pumps for fire suppression.
•Fire hydrants.

Vertical transportation


Special and automated installations

•Maintenance of multi-brand raised floors.
•Solar panels.
•Water treatment plants (WWTP).

General conservation

•Painting, pastes, and laminates.
•Doors and windows.
•Floors and ceilings.
•Glass replacement.
•Illuminated signs.
•Upholstery and carpentry.