Eco Floor

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Eco Floor

Most of the materials we use are either extracted or locally produced to reduce pollution when transporting.

The core of the floor is made out with PVC and at least 30% of recycled materials, giving various benefits to the general population.

Some benefits are

  • Low Petroleum dependence, renewable resources.
  • Less energy consumption to process and obtain.
  • Given its light weight, it requires less fuel for transportation.
  • Bottle recycling, since plastic bottles are usually produced with PVC, PET and HDPE.

It has been proven that in the last 30 years, while the world production of PVC has increased 3 times, the quantity of dioxins have been reduced between a 30 - 80%.

Several studies have proven to show that either presence or absence of PVC, even in quantities 3 times more than normal, don't represent an increase in dioxins generation.

Even when the life of the floor its over, it is possible to recycle most of the materials it was made with.

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