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Precision air conditioningComfort A/C

It consists of certain conditions like: Temperature, humidity, air flow, and air quality inside a room.

Air Conditioning

It doesn’t regulate humidity, it just regulates the temperature inside a room.

AC systems: there are the autonomous that produce heat or cold without the need of external elements; there are also the Centralized systems and they produce heat or cold throughout ambient conditioners and get their thermal energy from a central device, like boilers to produce heat; or cooling machines to produce cold that works by air compression or suction.

Precision A/C.Precision A/C

We have specially design units to overcome the heat produced by electronic equipment. This equipments can work 24/7 - 365.

This machines are highly efficient and long lasting.


  • Data Centers or telephone central offices.
  • Control sites.
  • We give ventilation, odor control, toxic emission control and particle control.
    Ex. Operating Room, Clean Rooms.
  • We work on duct conditioning to ambient big spaces without causing an esthetic impact.
  • Control humidity, temperature and air quality at you work space.